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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
A Tax Collector And It Is Written Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, January 09 2016 Church Sermons
Happy Renewal Year Romans 12:1-2 Elder Lee Murray Saturday, January 02 2016 Church Sermons
The Switched Role Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, December 26 2015 Church Sermons
Awesome Act John 1:14 Elder Jack Kim Saturday, December 19 2015 Church Sermons
Women With A Mission Mrs. Sandra Goodrich Sunday, December 06 2015 Church Sermons
What is Your Reality? Revelation 21:1-3 Elder Steve Phelps Sunday, November 22 2015 Church Sermons
Rescue Operation Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, November 14 2015 Church Sermons
Checkmate Luke 18:14 Elder Greg Peck Saturday, November 07 2015 Church Sermons
Be Careful Little Eyes Luke 8:30 Mr. Marcos Ramirez Saturday, October 31 2015 Church Sermons
Oh Peter, What was in You when You Denied Him? Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, October 24 2015 Church Sermons
The Pleasure Test Ecclesiastes 2:1 Elder Lee Murray Saturday, October 17 2015 Church Sermons
The Heartbreak of God John 13:2 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, October 10 2015 Church Sermons
Preparing to Meet Jesus Titus 2:11-14 Elder Gary Vest Saturday, October 03 2015 Church Sermons
Forgiven Much, Love Much John 12:1-8 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, September 26 2015 Church Sermons
Have You Seen the Glory of God Yet? John 11:1-44 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, September 12 2015 Church Sermons
Live on Purpose Exodus 9:16 Scott Bennett Saturday, September 05 2015 Church Sermons
How Do You Know You Are Spiritually Blind? Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, August 29 2015 Church Sermons
Watch and Pray Matthew 26:40-41 Dr. Daniel Kim Saturday, August 22 2015 Church Sermons
The Shape of Your Heart Psalm 51:10-13 Elder Steve Phelps Saturday, August 15 2015 Church Sermons
Caught in Action Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, August 01 2015 Church Sermons


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